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Energy in the future

Mechanical engineering

On the basis of industrial partner companies in Ukraine, it is possible to manufacture products from ordinary and stainless steels, followed by galvanic treatment (oxidation, chromium plating, passivation, nitration, etc.) or thermal vacuum deposition:

  • manufacturing and repairing of gears, rails, shafts, gears, etc .;
  • custom-made measuring and complex-shaped cutting tools;
  • manufacturing of non-standard complex shaped products from metal according to the Customer's drawings;
  • bending of pipes on the machine according to the drawings of the Customer;
  • manufacturing of any parts by mechanical processing (turning operations, milling, grinding, drilling, electric burning, etc.);
  • Forging operations (making forgings, forging blanks, etc.);
  • manufacture of dies and molds for metal and non-metallic products;
  • grinding of plates, machine tools and non-standard large-sized equipment;
  • designing and manufacturing of stands, installations and equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Customer;

And also it is possible to produce springs, molds, systems with gearing and specialized, non-standard equipment according to the customer's drawings.


  • Delivery under the order of rolled metal special purpose (alloyed, heat-resistant, high-speed, stamped and other metals);
  • Steel heat-resistant and colored casting blanks;
  • Customization of metal structures.


Assistance to public organizations in Eastern Europe in dialogue with charitable foundations and grant organizations. This is especially concerns to water pools and drinking water.

Infrastructural facilities

Energy saving through eco-savings and vice versa. Involvement of European engineering companies with experience in the implementation of energy and environmental projects for the infrastructure of small cities in Ukraine.

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