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Energy in the future

Administrationis very important stage of the project. The main goal is to ensure the smooth progress of the project and the successful implementation of the project. The most relevant project is the exit of the Ukrainian consumer to the EU markets, which is accompanied by a number of difficulties. Unfortunately, without overcoming such difficulties, it will not be possible to successfully present the products to the European consumer.

Difficulties are associated, for example, with legislative requirements for protecting consumer rights or protecting the rights of personnel. There is a single set of rules of the European Commission on Consumer Rights, which apply to all consumer goods and services.

It is quite problematic for many Ukrainian producers to solve all the issues on the organization of business in the EU independently. «SNK group» is ready to provide consulting services on entering the European market: business registration, market analysis, product certification and further business support. We also provide consulting to European companies that are interested in expanding their presence in Ukraine.

«SNK group» specialists provide a wide range of consultations regarding the project, prepare all necessary procurement documentation, provide interim and final reports on the project, payment requirements, work out draft contracts for the sale of goods, services, works, organize the dissemination of information about the project and its results, represent the interests of clients in the institutions of the EU and Ukraine.

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